Kix 4 Community

By Bryst on April 23, 2019

Bryst Football Academy is impassioned to take the lead in communities that lack social and economic infrastructure by driving social change going forward, providing opportunity, advocating for inclusion, unity, equality and diversity through the vehicle of the “beautiful game” (Soccer). Bryst FA believes that it is our obligation to take actions to improve accessibility for

The Value of Keep-Ups

By Bryst on July 18, 2016

Keep-ups, keepy up, juggling or whatever you may know them as, are a fantastic exercise for soccer players to aid in their development. The process of learning to consistently keep the ball off the ground for hundreds and hundreds of touches will improve many areas of their game. The player has to develop balance and

The Dangers of Parents Coaching from the Sidelines

By Bryst on June 10, 2016

Soccer parents can often become embroiled in the emotions of the game while watching their son or daughter play. This can lead to parents coaching their children from the sidelines which is detrimental to their child’s learning process and overall enjoyment of the game. The learning process is a long and complicated journey for an

Bio Banding at Bryst!

By Bryst on May 5, 2016

Bio Banding is simply the practice of grouping together younger soccer players based on their physical maturity, rather than their year of birth. This practise is not a new concept. In New Zealand, the practice has been common place amongst junior rugby teams because the Mauri children tend to grow earlier than other children. Perhaps

Why Score Lines Do Not Matter in Youth Soccer!

By Bryst on April 13, 2016

There is a huge misconception amongst soccer players, parents and coaches when it comes to considering score lines in youth soccer. Often the perception is that “the team is winning games, therefore my child is doing well”. Parents should remember that just one game is a tiny picture of a player’s development pathway that can