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What is Bryst Football Academy?

Bryst International provides an Academy Teams Program for competitive players. BFA has been modeled off of the European Professional Club Youth Academy training environment and competition. We believe that in order to elevate the overall development of Canadian players, the Academy system must evolve. We must identify talented players at a young age, develop and nurture them in a professional environment, with professionally trained coaches, over a longer period of time (10 months). We must also provide competition based on these same principles of development versus only winning games.

We offer an option in the marketplace for parents and players who are dissatisfied with the current Club system, where the focus is on winning at all costs, even to the detriment of individual players. Our focus on each individual player and their development allows players to flourish to their full potential in a safe yet demanding environment.

This program has grown since its inception both within our Academy and within our SAAC League. We offer an option in the marketplace for parents and players who are dissatisfied with the current Club system, where the focus is on winning at all costs, even to the detriment of individual players. Our focus on each individual player and their development allows players to flourish to their full potential in a safe yet demanding environment.

The Ontario Soccer Association has now accepted the Academies under their umbrella. The Academies will now report their players to the OSA for a cost and in return, the OSA will allow exhibition games between Academies and club teams, provide top level referees for SAAC competition, permission to travel outside of the province, enter Ontario Showcase tournaments and scout the Academy players for Regional and Provincial programs. Several Bryst Players have been identified through this program.

The private league for Academy competition for ages 7-20, is through SAAC (Soccer Academy Alliance of Canada). Further information can be found on their website at

Philosophy of Our Teams Program

  1. Identify talented youth players with long term potential for careers at U.S. or Canadian Universities, or professional careers.
  2. Develop and nurture these youth players through training three times plus one game per week. All players on a team receive fair playing time based on their commitment to excellence.
  3. The development of the individual athlete will focus on the person as a whole. This means technical, tactical, physical, psychological and mental training. Information on nutrition, hydration, goal-setting and treatment of injuries will also be presented.
  4. All training & development programs will be conducted in a positive environment with encouraging and constructive comments and feedback, in order to maintain and build self-esteem and confidence in every athlete.
  5. Training and competition will be held at top quality grass and artificial turf facilities. Games are played on grass and turf fields at facilities around the GTA
  6. Goalkeepers will be trained separately by top goalkeeper coaches as well as working with the teams in tactical training.
  7. Extend the outdoor training and competition from April to November.
  8. All coaching staff is required to pursue professional development on an annual basis through additional certification or coaching experience. Bryst coaching staff members have some of the top certification levels from Canada, U.S., and Europe.
  9. Athletic therapy/medical staff is on-site for all training and competition.

Why Bryst?

1. Top Quality Coaching

Former President, Gary Miller, who has set the standard of coaching at Bryst, is a previous National Team Coach, Provincial Team Coach, and holds his A License from Canada, USA and Europe.  This level of expertise continues to our current Technical Director James Sewell (Canadian B License, English FA Level 1 and 2 Certificates).  All coaches are certified, most at a minimum Provincial B License, with several of the staff holding UEFA (European) and US A and B Licenses.

Our staff are hand-picked, not only for their credentials, but also for their ability to work with youth and follow the Bryst ‘Player Development Model’

2. Levels of Development

  • Learning to Train (approx. ages 8-12)
  • Training to Train (approx. ages 11-16)
  • Training to Compete (approx. ages 15-21)
  • Training to Win (age 18 & up)

3. Facilities

Top indoor and outdoor facilities are utilized to train our athletes.  Indoor and outdoor turf fields and quality grass fields are provided to allow our coaches and players to perform at their highest potential.

4. Respect

Since the creation of Bryst, former President, Gary Miller, and Managing Director, Cindy Miller, have preached respect in all aspects of the company.  This level of respect applies to all involved.  Respect from players, parents, families, coaching staff, administrative staff, field officials, facilities and many more.  Bryst Football Academy does not only develop top-level soccer players but also helps to develop the players’ maturity, self-respect, and respect for others.


The following businesses & individuals, have generously sponsored many Bryst FA athletes. On behalf of Bryst International and the athletes that have received these sponsorship dollars, we gratefully thank all of the sponsors listed here.

Take some time to review our list and we encourage you to find out more about the businesses that have shown us their support. Please contact Bryst if you are interested in our sponsorship opportunities!

Gold Sponsors
Company Name Website Location Phone
Ozery’s Pita Break Inc. Vaughan, ON 905-265-1143
Silver Sponsors
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Bronze Sponsors
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Who can Attend?

This program is available to competitive level players, ages U8-U20, male and female, through a selection process which is open to everyone. Tryouts can be arranged on an ongoing basis at one of our training locations. Players can request a tryout at any time.

Why Should I Attend?

This is an opportunity for young, competitive players to immerse themselves in a top training and development environment year-round. The quality and professionalism of the training with top coaches will be totally different from what you are experiencing currently. Coaching sessions will be geared towards a long term plan for the individual player. Long term goals can be determined by each player to source out the best opportunity for their future, whether it will be professional or educational.

Bryst is a leader in the placement of players on Scholarship in the US and Canada, through a focused academic match-up process. We also have been able to provide some talented male players with professional opportunities in Europe. These long term paths will provide parents and players with the guidance they need to plan a future.