Former BRYST Player Recognized at National Level!

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Bryst would like to congratulate our former player, Inder Thind, on his selection for the Canada Soccer’s Men’s National Youth Program’s Spring 2016 Ontario identification camp as part of Canada Soccer’s Men’s Excel Program.

 “Bryst played a huge role in Inder’s development. Inder joined Bryst in October 2008 in the Kix 4 Kidz program and moved into the Elite program in October 2009. He played U9-U12 with Bryst FA (from January 2010 to November 2013) before he joined the OPDL league. He was also chosen as the Player of the Year three years in a row by his Bryst coaches. We would like to thank Bryst and all the coaches at Bryst.” – Mr. Thind (Inder’s father)

Inder’s story within Bryst is an excellent testament to the Bryst Development Pathway, as shown below (click image to see full size). Bryst offers multiple programs at varying levels of development throughout the year.

Bryst Pathway

This pathway is the product of over 30 years of experience in the field of coaching youth soccer. The origins of the OPDL can be found within Bryst’s training and development model. It is a framework of player development that matches up appropriate training programs to players of different ages and abilities. Players training in different coloured shirts, in the various programs offered, represent players at different ages and stages of the Bryst Development Pathway. In our experience, we have seen players move through progressive shirt colours/programs of the model, over a number of years. We have also seen players skip stages, and move from Kix 4 Kidz straight into our academy teams program.

Credit must also go to the Aurora Youth Soccer Club and their technical staff for the work they have done in the last two years, working with Inder to move him on to this opportunity.

Although we have seen this over the years in many variations, Inder’s story of grassroots soccer to National Team training camp best shows how our tried and tested model, with its high level coaching, program structure, and emphasis on player development, is one of the best routes a youth soccer player in Ontario can take.

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