Bryst Football Academy is impassioned to take the lead in communities that lack social and economic infrastructure by driving social change going forward, providing opportunity, advocating for inclusion, unity, equality and diversity through the vehicle of the “beautiful game” (Soccer). Bryst FA believes that it is our obligation to take actions to improve accessibility for children of all ages, race, gender, sexuality and disabilities, whereby every child can envision a personal pathway of growth and success beginning with a dream, fostering self-belief and actualizing achievement.

Bryst FA believes that children are the primary focus when it comes to community resiliency and social change. Our objective is to encourage participation and promote belongingness for children who wish to play soccer. Bryst FA is engaged in developing initiatives that will create positive relationships amidst our youth and provide opportunities for future growth and development of communities. The challenge is accessibility; the ever-increasing costs to participate in the beautiful game, even at the entry-levels.

Bryst FA is determined in closing the opportunity gaps and minimizing barriers by providing children resources and opportunities to participate in soccer programming. We are excited to promote a healthy-living, good-sportsmanship, and most importantly inclusive environment for children to experience FUN, FITNESS and FRIENDSHIP.

Bryst FA is rallying support from local corporate sponsors to partner in KIX 4 COMMUNITY initiatives to help stimulate positive social change, improve accessibility and outcomes for vulnerable youth. Together, we can significantly impact our youth transition to young adulthood successfully. We hope the scale of involvement of local corporate partnerships continues to grow. This will enable us to make an even greater impact on our youth and communities.