The Value of Keep-Ups

Keep-ups, keepy up, juggling or whatever you may know them as, are a fantastic exercise for soccer players to aid in their development. The process of learning to consistently keep the ball off the ground for hundreds and hundreds of touches will improve many areas of their game. The player has to develop balance and coordination when doing this exercise. They develop a better first touch as they must time the ball with more precision. Eventually they will be forced to use their weaker foot. In the early stages, when a player can do only 10 to 15 keep-ups they will be constantly soccer-juggling-drills-3correcting poor touches, and the movement and footwork associated with this can lead to players opening up their body to receive a pass with more comfort. Twenty-five keep-ups is a magical number, as once they reach this amount, the player has reached a certain degree of consistency. Their highest score will dramatically increase from this point on as the consistency of their touch and timing improves. By the time a child is doing over 100 keep-ups the exercise requires a higher degree of concentration and focus on the task.

At Bryst we incorporate keep-ups in almost every session. We are delighted to announce that we have recently finished second in a nationwide keep up challenge called Pass the Love. Thank you to all our players who participated!