Top OPDL Developers!


Top Developers of Junior Soccer Players


Bryst Soccer Academy is the oldest private soccer academy in Ontario. For over 16 years we have prided ourselves on our record of developing players of all ages and moving them onto the next level. Our staff includes five coaches holding a CSA National B License, two OSA Provincial B licenses and four more OSA Pre B Licenses. Amongst these coaches are several OSA Coach Developers and qualified teachers. This means we are able to provide a top training experience to all players within Bryst Soccer Academy whatever their level of play.

Our vision is to focus on developing individual players. We view each player’s development as a jig-saw puzzle. Each week our coaches aim to give the players a little piece of the jig-saw. Over time, and with reinforcement, the picture for each player becomes clearer as the players’ technical skills and tactical understanding develop and improve.

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The organization of Bryst Soccer Academy enables a fluid movement of players between training groups and teams. We are able to field players in older or younger age groups where appropriate. Over the years we have found this to be extremely beneficial in a player’s development, and aids the process of completing their jigsaw.

Our record for developing players aged 8-12 is second to none. Since the OPDL began in 2013 31 players moved from Bryst Football Academy teams directly onto OPDL teams. While we are sorry to see players leave, we are gratified that over 40% of our younger players move to a higher level. Several of these players are now identified in the top 30 players of their age in the Province. Over 25 more players in the OPDL have benefitted from our Top Dogs training as a supplement to their club program. There are also six members of the TFC academy who trained with our Top Dogs program in previous years.


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