Since 2003, Bryst International has been traveling to foreign countries to compete against youth programs. When the Top Dogs program was started in 2002, it was the Top Dogs that competed in Norway, England, and Germany.

In 2005, the BFA Teams program began, and the BFA Teams have traveled to France, Brazil, Italy, England, Portugal and Spain, over the last five years. Top Dogs players are also offered these travel opportunities if the BFA athletes do not fill the teams.

Bryst teams compete against the Youth Academy teams of professional clubs in a friendly game schedule. We do not participate in international tournaments.

The reason behind the international travel is to provide these top athletes with the opportunity to compete and test themselves against players from other nations. This also provides them with a great playing experience that they can put on a resume for their soccer future.

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2015 International Trip – Italy Aug. 22 – 30

Bryst International Inc. has planned an exciting International Trip to Venice and Verona area, Italy!

Bryst is looking for players born  2001, 2000 and1999 to join us.