Team Development

Bryst Soccer Academy offers club teams the opportunity to utilize our professional coaches in a training environment in 2 distinct ways:

1) Team Joins an Existing Bryst Program:

Club team coaches can bring their teams into the Bryst indoor or summer camp programs at a discounted rate.

They can request customized training, or a specific focus outside of the regular planned weekly model, when the majority of the team attends.

Goalkeepers can also be trained by our goalkeeper coaches for their technical/tactical training, and then re-join their team during the scrimmages.

Contact us to arrange your team attendance and discount!

2) Bryst Team Development Program:

Club team coaches can bring a Bryst staff member out to their team training sessions.

This allows the club team coach the opportunity to learn from our highly qualified Bryst coaching staff as their team is being trained and moving to a higher level of play.

The Bryst staff coach can assess the team, and together, the Club coach and Bryst coach can decide on and implement the most advantageous training plan for the team to progress.

Several top club teams have utilized this service and gone on to win Ontario Cup – ie. North Mississauga SC, Brams United SC.

Review the Bryst Team Development Program below and contact us to arrange.


Bryst Team Development Program

The Bryst Team Development Program is designed to assist Youth Club coaches with the training of their players.

The Bryst coaching staff has some of the most highly qualified coaches in the province and the country.

Bryst will consult with the Team Coach, gather information on the needs of the Team, and put a plan of action together. A development program will then be put in place over a 4, 8, 12, or 16 session time period.

The Team Development program will be based on the Bryst ‘Player Development Model’. Younger teams will focus more on technical training and older teams will focus more on tactical training.

The Team Coach and all players will receive a Bryst T-shirt.

Youth coaches will receive an information package and can also be mentored in this process for their own professional coaching development.